Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Most Popular Posts of 2016

by Levi Russell

Happy New Year! I hope FH readers have had a great 2016 and I hope 2017 is even better. Our second year was very productive. During 2016 we launched a Facebook page that has helped draw traffic to the site. This year I hope to include more guest bloggers and to increase our page views further while increasing engagement in the comments.

In 2016, we published 90 posts here on the Farmer Hayek Blog. Topics included regulation, big data issues on the farm, monopoly theory and evidence, public choice, and many others. While noting that Google's page view counter is inaccurate, I've listed below the top 15 posts of 2016 by page view count in order from highest to lowest. I hope you enjoy looking back at these posts as much as I have!

Tumbler Competition: The Rise and Fall(?) of the Yeti

Nirvana Fallacy Watch: Stiglitz Edition

Precision Agriculture Implications for Farm Management: Farmland Leasing Example

Fixed Costs, Marginal Cost, and Ronald Coase

Don Boudreaux's Review of Phishing for Phools

Farmers Must Actively Protect Data to Secure Trade Secret Protections

Intentions, Faith, and the Nirvana Fallacy

Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2016: Can It Help Protect Your Farm Data?

Richard Langlois on Dynamic Competition

Remembering Ronald Coase

I Can't Put Enough Scare Quotes Around "Free Market"

Behavioral Public Choice: A Literature Review

Legal and Economic Implications of Farm Data

Monopoly Concerns with Baysanto

Relatively Good Regulation - GMO Edition 

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