Tuesday, March 15, 2016


David Widmar at Agricultural Economic Insights has some interesting maps showing the run-up in ag land values from 2004-2014. Check it out!

The folks at the Pro Market Blog (a new blog associated with the Stigler Center at U Chicago) use survey data to show Americans' concerns about the influence campaign donors have on candidates. Trump and Sanders are seen as the most removed from these concerns.

Here's a short podcast interview with Bill Easterly (NYU) who works in international development. Easterly is famous for his skepticism of the benefits of foreign aid.

Don Boudreaux, in his characteristic style, criticizes Krugman for his support of trade protectionism. (here and here)

James Pethokoukis blogs about Deirdre McCloskey's work on economic history and what made the west prosperous.

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