Saturday, December 5, 2015


Ag Econ Research & Extension
Jayson Lusk discusses an article on returns to publicly-funded agricultural research and extension. He also tackles the question: "Is ag econ academic research cited?" and answers in the affirmative.

Is Econ 101 Worthless?
David Henderson and Don Boudreaux respond to Noah Smith's contention that most of what we teach in Econ 101 is wrong.

Healthcare Reform
Two perspectives on recent developments related to Obamacare: one from Shikha Dalmia and another from Paul Krugman.

I, Pencil Revisited?
George Leef responds to a criticism of the famous essay "I, Pencil."

Regulatory Announcements
The Obama administration picks some interesting dates to announce new regulations.

A student gives a creative example of an externality.
David Henderson's student has a good understanding of Public Choice.

A new edition of Alchian and Allen's textbook.
Don Boudreaux lists some myths busted in a forthcoming edition of Alchian and Allen.

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