Monday, November 2, 2015


Ag Regulation

Pointing to recent studies, Jayson Lusk discusses the cost of animal welfare regulation.

In a classic Independence Institute article, ag economist E.C. Pasour Jr. looks at the history of meat inspection regulation.

Meat & Cancer Risk Studies

Matt Bogard and Jayson Lusk both discuss a recent study of the relationship between red meat consumption and cancer risk. There's a great lesson on statistical inference in this episode!

The Importance of (Good) Economics

Don Boudreaux discusses the value of Econ 101.

Alex Teytelboym reports on an unlikely collaboration between Chicago economists and the country's largest food bank.

Arnold Kling brings some realism to the theory of financial markets.

Parisomony in Academic Writing

Victoria Clayton discusses "The Needless Complexity of Academic Writing."

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