Saturday, April 25, 2015


David Widmar has an interesting post detailing the usage of irrigation water across the country. The bottom line? The use of irrigation has increased in the Corn Belt and Southeast but has declined in the Southwest and West.

Matt Bogard asks (and answers) some big questions on the effects of ag policies. Matt argues that the distortions of policy in terms of the production of GMOs are relatively minor.

Jayson Lusk presents some summary information from the Food Demand Survey (FooDS). Increases in beef demand over the last two years are particularly apparent.

Shawn Regan dissects the claim that National Park attendance is at an all time high.

Matt O'Brien has an article summarizing new research on unemployment. A better measure of unemployment indicates that the U.S. economy is short 3.5 million jobs, not the 1 million jobs that headline unemployment would indicate. This implies that the economy is weaker than some might believe and that Federal Reserve policy is likely to remain accommodative longer than many expect.

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